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 PI (A parallel attraction)

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PI (A parallel attraction) Empty
PostSubject: PI (A parallel attraction)   PI (A parallel attraction) I_icon_minitimeThu May 15, 2014 6:06 pm

PI (π) - Two parallel strings joined together by a common perpendicular attraction
And this is the Story of PI.
(My first attempt to write a Romantic Thriller)

Not the entire story would be imaginary, some parts of the story would have been a part of some incidents that has been either experienced by the person or would have affected that person who writes the story.  Very Happy

It was Inba's last day at college, everybody was waiting to shout hurray!
They didn't mind how they wrote the exam on that day, but they felt it was the end of studies and going forward it's only work, office, earning, money, foreign opportunities and so on..
All the friends hugged, shared phone numbers, house address and parted happily.
Few of them decided to go for a movie. So they all went for a evening show, had dinner outside and left home.
Inba reached home very late. He threw his college bag on the sofa and rested as if he had done a great achievement and no more hurdles in his life going forward.
For few days he roamed here and there to his friend's house(s), didn't even think on what to do next until he get his graduation degree on hand.
But since he had been to a computer institute during his college, the institute offered him training in a company which they call it as a professional practice.

He joined a textile company which is luckily nearby his house and he got introduced to the GM (Jagan) of that company as a trainee developer.
Though he was well versed in programming languages, he didn't know VC++ when he joined that company, but he knew that it has a very good scope in the future. So he agreed to take up the opportunity.
His mentor told him "Inba, I am confident that you will learn this language very quickly and prove yourself to the company. Do not worry. Congrats."
Since he was the class topper in that computer institute, his mam (mentor) believed so.
And she was not wrong. He learned that tool and the language within couple of days and brought in new changes on how a code have to be written (the coding standards and structure).
He redesigned the in-house application (app) developed in that company to make it more user friendly.

The company created his first salary account. He was very happy to see his first salary account.
Later, he received his first month salary (it was not a salary though but per diem as he was not a full time employee in that company).
Inba and his friend Poorvika went to the bank's ATM to withdraw Rs.100 from their account and to check their account balances. Their account numbers were adjacent numbers as they both created their accounts on the same day.

In couple of months, he got appreciation from the MD of that company. Jagan sent an official mail to all the employees that Inba had really contributed a good amount of quality coding which improved the performance from how the app had performed before.
The employees were happy too and many of them started knowing him because of the application.
Soon, he became very close to the colleagues in the development team as well. There were totally four members (2 boys and 2 girls) in the IT division - none of them were married Smile
Colleagues used to call Poorvika as Maximum and Inba as Minimum, may be due to the body built up. Yes, he was very lean on those days and Poorvika was a chubby girl. So they might have called them like that.

As days passed by, he started disliking the code which he code everyday. No new improvements or opportunities. So he decided to look out for another job.

[End of Episode 1]

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PI (A parallel attraction) Empty
PostSubject: Re: PI (A parallel attraction)   PI (A parallel attraction) I_icon_minitimeThu May 15, 2014 7:35 pm

When he was studying in the computer institute, he and his friend Peter became very close friends. Peter was taking care of the business which his father was doing. He attended the course just to be proficient in computers. One day, Inba casually contacted him and told him that he was looking for a change as he was not interested in the same programming every day.

Peter told him that he was taking care of his business in parallel to the current HR job.
Inba didn't know that Peter was working as a HR in a company.
Peter said "Inba, with your knowledge, you can get a job in any company. If you are really looking for a change, then join in the company where I am the HR. I know you will clear off the technical round very easily".
So he accepted the offer and cleared the technical and HR rounds.
Next day he went and met Jagan and told him that he is moving out as he got a good offer outside.
Though Jagan was happy that Inba got a job, he was not happy that he was moving out of his company. 

Jagan wished him all the best and Inba said parting good bye to one and all he knew there.
Though he was happy that he got a new job, he could not forget those days he spent on that company as it was his first experience working in a company (his first job).

All his colleagues wished him all the best, but Maxi gave him a Diary milk chocolate (a big one) and a key chain and told him to keep it in her remembrance. He smiled and accepted it.

It was during the lunch break and everyone left for lunch, but Maxi didn't go.
Inba took his bag and was about to walk out of the IT room and Poorvi called him and said "Inba, keep in touch and don't forget us". While saying, she stressed the word "us".

Inba told her "How can I forget my first job, my first colleagues and ofcourse my first close colleague which is you.
Where are we going to go? The world is very small, we will surely meet.
Since this company is very near to my house, I will try to pay a visit when I get time as my new company works only for 5 days.
So I can come and meet you all on Saturday.
When you come to the ATM near my house, dont forget to come to my house. I have told a lot about you to my mom".
After saying this, he gave a funny smile and left.

Inba was well versed in computer programming and he proved himself on the very few days joining the new company "ElectroInfys".
Its a banking company, but he joined as a software developer in DB team. He started showing his skills which he learned in the computer institute which the existing guys haven't seen before. They were doing the same programming for past few years and didn't put any interest to improvise the softwares they made so for.

Since Inba always expected some new changes and his rational thinking made him to revamp one of the applications which already existed.
His first application was for the MD of that company, who was mainly interested in seeing reports rather than seeing multiple excel sheets containing facts and figures. He made his first application fancy with attractive buttons and reports generated on the click of a button. The MD saw the way the new module was created and called him to his cabin.

[End of Episode 2]

Karthi (Admin)

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PI (A parallel attraction) Empty
PostSubject: Re: PI (A parallel attraction)   PI (A parallel attraction) I_icon_minitimeThu May 15, 2014 8:55 pm

Inba didn't know why his MD called him. He was tensed and entered his MD's room. His MD appreciated him and told him that so far he hadn't seen any such reports like that which produced reports on a click of a button. On hearing this, Inba got very much happy and decided to revamp all the existing modules. So he called for a group discussion and told his DB manager that he is planning to revamp all the modules.

His Manager told him that its waste of time as it is not going to affect the main business, but if he insisted to, then he can do in his free time. This words gave Inba, a shocking surprise. So he wanted to prove him wrong and started to revamp one of the existing modules. He revamped in such a way that the users started liking the look and feel of the new module.

He also made changes in such a way that it would take only 20% of the time to create a new module which the existing people took previously. Due to the new look and feel and the ease of use of the application, the users started to appreciate his work. So the company gave him best employee of the year award for his application redesign. Due to this, he became popular in the company. The managers were provided with a number of self-sufficient modules with which they can generate the reports on the fly and in few minutes.

This was the life Inba was expecting and looking for. He felt very happy that he joined that company (though it was his 2nd company, he hadn't tasted how other companies would be). Days passed by and Inba started putting more and more of this thoughts and efforts to improve the efficiency of the programs.

One day he was in a middle of a R&D work to bring out the cost of a new software that would be needed for the upcoming new features they were looking for in the existing application. He worked for more 36 hours continuously without a break (sleep) and finally he fainted and slept without his knowledge for 3 hours. His immediate boss (DB manager) knew he worked very hard, so he didn't disturb him. Once he woke up, he told his manager that he was successful in his R&D and the outcome of that would be 99% savings in new software investment. His manager got very much happy and granted him a day off (without loss of pay and deduction from his leave).

He went home and noticed no one was at home. Then only he realized that his mom told him that they are going out of station on the weekend and would return on Sunday morning.
He saw food was kept on the dinning table and a note (sticky note) saying that "Dear, have the food which is kept in the table.
We will come tomorrow morning. We tried calling you, but since your phone was switched off, we left.
Don't forget to have food and take rest. Don't sleep without food".
That is mother's love, Inba thought to himself.

While he was eating, his mobile rang. The voice on the other side said "Hey Inba, how are you doing? I just came to the ATM where we withdrew the money the first day. I just remembered you, so thought of calling you.
I am on my way home. Are you by any chance at your house?
If so, I will come and meet you"

Inba smiled to himself and replied "Hey Maxi, what a surprise. How are you doing? Sure, you are always welcome. Come, let's meet"

Poorvi replied him "I think you forgot my real name. Am I right?"

Actually Inba forgot her name, but he remembered only Maxi. He was not able to recollect even. He didn't know how to reply her.

He replied "How can I forget your name who was very close to me? We used to call us Maxi and Mini only know?"

Poorvi said "Yeah.. I thought you forgot my name. OK. I will see you at home" and hung up the call.

[End of Episode 3]

Karthi (Admin)

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PI (A parallel attraction) Empty
PostSubject: Re: PI (A parallel attraction)   PI (A parallel attraction) I_icon_minitimeThu May 15, 2014 8:56 pm

In the meanwhile, Inba tried to recollect her name, but couldn't.
Finally he remembered that she gave a key chain as a present while he left the company.
So he went and searched for it. He wasn't using that key chain but he kept it safely in his cupboard.

The keychain was not a normal keychain. It was in the shape of a heart with a place holder on one side where a piece of paper or a tiny photograph can be kept and the other side, the words "Take care" engraved with a metallic finish.

He took that keychain from his cupboard and noticed that there was a piece of paper kept in the placeholder. He slowly removed it and noticed that she had written "With Luv, Poorvi".

Finally he recollected her name and told to himself that he escaped from her scoldings in case he was not able to recollect her name.

In few minutes, Poorvi reached Inba's house and gave him a missed called him for him to come and receive her.
Inba received her and said "Welcome Poorvi, very nice to meet you after a long time" and let her in.
He told her that his parents were out of station, so he can't introduce her to his parents.
on hearing that, she smiled and was happy that he didn't forget her name and said
"That's fine, no problem. I will meet them on another day".

Inba prepared her coffee and he also had one cup.
They recollected those days where they worked together and talked about their lunch times, gossips, work etc.
After a while, Inba showed her the full house.
Poorvi told him "It's a very big house and nice to live in this place".
Inba didn't understand what she was telling and he didn't react much and show much interest on that.

Inba was having a few pairs of love birds at his house. He likes pets and plants. He likes to live with nature.
He likes gardening as well. He showed her his garden, explained her the plant's names but nothing was going in the ears of Poorvi.
He then took her to his room inside the house where he has kept the love birds and fish tank.

He told her "I love these love birds and the fish tank. I talk to these every day. They will also reply me or I can rather say speak to me. Hey! don't give me that funky look. I swear. If you want I can show you now"

He kept explaining her what he named those birds and fishes, but Poorvi didn't seemed to listen him rather starred at him and loved the way he takes care of the pets.

They then chatted for around 2 to 3 hours on various topics including office, movies, hobbies etc.
As their topic moved towards some comedy dialogues, Inba switched on the TV to check whether there was any channel that showed comedy clips.

He then bought some snacks to eat and they both sat on the couch and started to browse through the TV channels.

[End of Episode 4]

Karthi (Admin)

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PI (A parallel attraction) Empty
PostSubject: Re: PI (A parallel attraction)   PI (A parallel attraction) I_icon_minitimeFri May 16, 2014 4:03 pm

As he was browsing through the channels, National Geographic Channel came and he stopped in that.
The show was about Cat diary where it showed a Tiger killing its prey.

On seeing that, Poorvi asked him to change the channel as she didn't like an animal being killed so innocently.

Inba started explaining her what is life and the meaning of life.
He said "Whatever happens, happens for a reason. Whether it is good or bad. It is called Chaos theory.
See, even you have come here the first time after a long time we have met. Why you didn't come so long though twice or thrice you pass by this place to withdraw money from this ATM. Somehow today only it struck you to see me. Everything happens for a reason."

Poorvi replied him "I don't know all these Chaos and all, please change the channel first or else I am starting now"

Inba said "Ok, ok. I am changing the channel right away. First try to accept what life gives us.
I am not asking you to adjust for everything, but try to understand why it all happens.
Even you are eating non-veg, so you are also similar to this Tiger only.
Atleast we can say this Tiger has only 5 senses, but what about humans?"

Poorvi gave a weird look.

Inba continued "See, I am not targeting YOU, but general mankind. Don't take it personal."

Poorvi sighed.

Inba changed the the channel to watch some music and he put MTV. The girls in the song which was playing at that time were glamourously dressed. Since he knew the lyrics of that song, he joined humming the song.

Poorvi thought that she might not get another good chance than that time and Inba was also in a very good mood.
She turned to him and called him "Inba!!!"

Inba slightly turned to her and asked "Mmmm.... What?"

Poorvi asked him "Do you like me?"

Inba replied "Means?"

Poorvi said "I hope you know what I am asking. I don't know how to ask other than this"

Inba got slight hint but not sure that she is trying to propose him. So he asked her "I didn't understand in what sense you are talking about. I really like you. I also like Kayal. You both are my first best girl friends, I mean colleagues". He smiled.

Poorvi got tensed and started to sweat.
She didn't know how to express her love. She said straight on his face "Ok. I am asking you directly. Do you love me?"

[End of Episode 5]

Karthi (Admin)

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PostSubject: Re: PI (A parallel attraction)   PI (A parallel attraction) I_icon_minitimeFri May 16, 2014 9:17 pm

Inba got surprised by the way she asked.
He was speechless, couldn't tell her anything at that moment she asked.
Though he didn't had anything in his mind for her, he was not able to speak out.
He told her "Can you please excuse me, I need to goto rest room. I will come in 2 minutes"

Poorvi replied him "Ok. by the way, you are not escaping from me right. I will be waiting for a reply from you"

Inba didn't replied here anything after this but just gave a shying smile and left the place with his phone.

Butterflies started rolling in Poorvi's stomach and her heart beat started beating faster. She didn't know what he would come and say.

Suddenly Poorvi heard a phone ring.
She kept her phone inside her handbag. So she hurriedly took it out to check whether Inba replied her.
Unfortunately, it was a spam message which she got from an unknown number.
Irritatingly she deleted that message and was expecting to come out of the rest room.

She couldn't control the butterflies rolling in her stomach.
She felt the same experience as when she was expecting her 10th and 12th exam results.
Now it's her turn, she also wanted to goto rest room.
So she went to near the rest room and asked him whether there is any other rest room in his house.

He responded from inside the restroom that there is one more in the other side of the opposite bed room.
Before he could tell her the next word, she hurried into that restroom as she could not control the nature's call.
Without knowing that she left the place, Inba shouted from the toilet "Please be careful. The tap in that restroom is slightly loose".
He came out of the toilet and sat in the couch and started watching the TV channel again.

Suddenly, he heard a screaming sound from the other toilet.
It was Poorvi who screamed because she didn't know that the tap is faulty.
When she tried to open the tap, water gushed out and flew over her drenching her top part, mainly her face.
Since she didn't expected a sudden shower, she shouted out loud.

Without having a clue as why she shouted, Inba rushed near that toilet and asked her "Are you ok? What happened?"

Poorvi replied him "Don't worry. Nothing happened, I got slightly drenched due to this tap"

Inba: "That's why I told you to be careful"

Poorvi: "When did you tell me?"

Then only Inba realized that she didn't hear what he told her.

After a minute later, she came out of the restroom and gave a funny smile at him.

[End of Episode 6]

Karthi (Admin)

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PI (A parallel attraction) Empty
PostSubject: Re: PI (A parallel attraction)   PI (A parallel attraction) I_icon_minitimeFri May 16, 2014 9:37 pm

Inba saw her fully drenched. There was no towel inside that restroom, so she couldn't wipe her face or the salwar.
He felt sorry for what had happened and apologized her and said
"I am sorry, I shouted from there that the tap is broken thinking that you are there.
Wait I will bring the towel"

Poorvi said "It's ok. Don't worry. I think its due to Chaos theory" and smiled at him.

Inba didn't get a clue as what she was talking about.
He went and grabbed a towel and handed it over to her.

She said "Thank you. If you don't mind, can I have something hot to drink like tea or coffee?"

Inba wanted to avoid that, so he said "No problem, but the thing is I don't know whether enough milk is there or not." and smiled at her.

Now Poorvi got a chance to burn some more time until she gets a reply from him.
She said "That's fine. Is there Horlicks at your home? I will just have it with plain water?"

Now, Inba found that he cannot escape from that. So he went and looked into the fridge for milk and took a half a litre milk packet and handed it over to her and said "you are lucky, there is one packet left in the fridge"

Poorvi prepared two cups of filter coffee one for her and the other for him.
She was very good in preparing a perfect filter coffee.
She searched for the cups and found a pair of heart shaped cups kept at the kitchen cupboard.
Meanwhile Inba was watching TV without disturbing her.

Poorvi wiped her hair and untied it. She had a long silky and curly hair.
She left few hair strips in front of her face and the rest at the back.
To add to her fortune, she heard a thunder and gushing sound of heavy rains.
She smiled to herself and took both the coffee cups and went to the hall and sat near him.

She handed over the coffee to him and while getting the coffee from her, he noticed her.
She looked gorgeous in her attire with few hair strips falling in front of her face. He couldn't resist seeing her.
But in order to hide his shyness, he turned and said "Thanks for the coffee".

Poorvi noticed him that he was shying. He thought to herself that he also liked her and that's why he was shying at her.
She smiled to herself and asked him "How is my coffee? My uncle used to say that I put a perfect coffee"

Inba, without controlling his laugh, started laughing and told "Sorry to say, your coffee is fine, but its not as sweet as you"

Oops, Poorvi didn't add sugar in one of the cups.
Without giving a pause, she said "I am very sorry, I didn't put sugar in one of the cups as I don't like to have sugar.
Please have this cup, I haven't sipped yet and I will have your's".

[End of Episode 7]

Karthi (Admin)

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PI (A parallel attraction) Empty
PostSubject: Re: PI (A parallel attraction)   PI (A parallel attraction) I_icon_minitimeSat May 17, 2014 12:40 am

Good going...
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PostSubject: Re: PI (A parallel attraction)   PI (A parallel attraction) I_icon_minitimeMon May 19, 2014 3:22 pm

There was a sudden thunder storm...
Inba woke up in fear... "My God, it's just a dream. I thought this ghost was real"
Inba had a worst dream of him being attacked by ghosts.
He refreshed himself and had a cup of lemon black tea and started to watch TV channels with his favourite comedy channel as always.

Few days later he received a mail from his friend Induja who studied computer course with him. She was getting married.
It's her marriage tomorrow.
He thought to himself "Yep, I can meet all my friends after a long time"
He phoned his friend Peter and asked whether he would be coming for the marriage.
Peter said he would be coming for the marriage.

Next day, Inba and Peter met at one place to go together for the wedding reception.
Reception went on well and while Inba was about to have his food, Induja introduced her friend Prathiba to him.
Since there was a vacant place near him, Prathiba sat next to him without any hesitation and started to talk with him as if she had already knew him for a long time.
Inba couldn't understand how a girl can talk to a stranger or a new friend just like that as if she had been too close.
But it was a nice moment for him to speak with her as she was too kiddish in talking like Inba.

Nobody had seen Inba being serious. Where ever he was, that place would be always filled with laughter and happiness.
Prathiba was almost similar to Inba, so both of them became close friends very soon.
Prathiba was 4 years younger than Inba. She was doing her college and in her final semester.

Prathiba's last semester had a computer subject. She didn't know anything about computers.
So she asked for help from Inba as she knew from Induja that he was the class topper in her computer class.
Inba went to Prathiba's house to teach her the computer subject.

He taught her the subject in such a way that even a person who doesn't know the A,B,C of computers, could understand.
Prathiba found that his way of approach in teaching her is different and very easy to understand than how her lecturers used to teach.
So she asked whether he could teach the rest of the subjects as well if he finds time.

Eventhough Inba was busy in restructuring the existing application at his office, he told her that he would come everyday for 1 hour to her house and teach her how to interpret anything which she reads. In short, he taught her how to understand and learn a subject rather than just mugging up.
Due to that, her way of thinking and logical reasoning improved a lot.

She started grabbing/understanding the subjects very easily and she wrote very well in her final semester.
She waited for the day to see her result and specially thank Inba for what he had done to her.
She started blabbering in her dream like she was interacting with Inba and learning the subjects from him. 

Her mom saw her blabbering and thought that either she still remembers taking classes from Inba or she had fallen in love with Inba.
She didn't know whether to ask her directly or not as well. She waited for her to speak to her.
Since she found that Inba was very descent always keeping a distance from her daughter and never touched her during the course of teaching, she didn't suspected him as well. Infact she too liked him.
So she already thought to her that even if Prathiba had fallen in love with Inba also she wouldn't mind to marry her daughter to him.

[End of Episode 8]

Karthi (Admin)

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PostSubject: Re: PI (A parallel attraction)   PI (A parallel attraction) I_icon_minitimeTue May 20, 2014 5:52 pm

Few days later, Inba got a mail from one of his colleagues that the module what he developed had some issues.
He was confident that his module had no bugs/issues, so he went to his colleague's desk to know about the issue.
He noticed that Pooja, who sent the mail to him had stuck a sticky on her system explaining about the issue.

After seeing the sticky, Inba got relaxed. It was not an issue, instead Pooja didn't know how to work on that module.

The IT manager had given Inba the admin rights, so that he can login to anyone's system in case of an issue.
So Inba logged in to her system and opened a notepad and clearly written down the instructions on how to work on that module.
He noticed that the wallpaper set by Pooja in her system was eye catching.
So at the end of the instruction, he mentioned that the Wallpaper is really very attracting.

Pooja returned back from lunch and found that the sticky was not there. She then opened her system and found a Notepad kept opened.

She read the instructions written by Inba and found out that it was her lack of knowledge in working with the module.
So she drafted an apologize mail for what she had already sent to him, though it was not necessary.
While sending that mail, she also attached the Wallpaper image in the mail.

Inba received the mail from Pooja and set his system's wallpaper as that of Pooja. He also replied her back thanking for the image sent.

Since Inba and Pooja were working on different floors and in different departments, they rarely get chances to see each other.
One day they met at the cafeteria during their lunch time.

Inba and his friends were sitting on a round table and were having their lunch.
Pooja and her friends came and sat next to the table where the IT guys were sitting.

Pooja sat on the chair which was behind Inba, which Inba was not aware of.
Pooja slightly adjusted her chair to sit comfortably which made her chair to get locked with Inba's.

When Inba was done with his lunch, he pulled his chair and Pooja was above to fall due to that.
Noticing that, out of reflex Inba caught her and it became a romantic scene at that time.
Inba apologized for his action and told her that he didn't do it on purpose but on reflex.

Pooja smiled at him and said "That's ok. No probs, actually it was my mistake that when I adjusted my chair, it got locked with your's"

Both smiled together and Inba went to his cabin.
After getting seated, he started smiling to himself thinking about the incident happened.

The same way Pooja was smiling to herself on her seat.

Inba's hobby was to write poems when he was either sad or happy.
So he thought of writing a poem as he felt some butterflies running in his stomach.
That was the first time in his life, he felt like that.
He didn't know on what topic to start the poem.
He just wrote what came in his mind and he kept that piece of paper on his table.

Inba got a call from outside and it was Prathiba. So he took his mobile and went out to speak to her.

[End of Episode 9]

Karthi (Admin)

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PostSubject: Re: PI (A parallel attraction)   PI (A parallel attraction) I_icon_minitimeTue May 20, 2014 9:27 pm

Inba rushed out hurriedly as he cannot take personal calls inside the office
He was breathing heavily and answered the call.
"Hey Deeps! Tell me. What a surprise call at this time? Your result has come so soon?"

Prathiba: "Hey what happened? Why are you breathing so high? Are you ok?"

Inba: "Nothing, I just came running out to attend your call as I can't speak inside the office"

The moment Inba told this, Prathiba thoughts went to heaven and earth.
She thought that Inba was eagerly waiting for her call.

She said "I got a job in Bangalore. So I am leaving this weekend.
My results would come after 2 months only, but through a reference I got a job.
And you know what, I got a job in an IT company and I will be working in Java"

Inba said "Wow! Congrats, that's nice to hear. Hey! where and when is the treat?
I can't leave you just like that.
You got an offer even before you had your degree certificate in hand and that too in computer line. That's great.
very happy to hear that"

Prathiba: "I think we can't meet this week as I need to do shopping before I go there and I think I will be busy.
When I come back, I will tell you one more thing and we will definitely go out for a treat.
What do you say?"

Inba: "Definitely.. All the best and do well. Catch you later.
By the way, when do you planned to come back?"

Prathiba: "First 2 months I cannot come, so I might come in the third month. Why?"

Inba: "Nothing, just like that I asked.
Ok take care. Keep in touch.
Once again all the best"

Prathiba: "Ok Inba. Cya soon"

Prathiba's imagination went high as soon as Inba asked her "When will you come back"
She laughed to herself and went out for shopping.

Inba was very happy that Prathiba got a job.
Now he got happy again and thought of writing another poem.

He returned to his desk and wrote another poem.

The first poem what he wrote was about Feelings and this one was about Expectations.
Both was written in such a way that when a happy person reads it, it reflects happiness to them.
But when they read it when they are sad, it reflects sadness.

He didn't mean anyone or any specific feeling when he wrote that...

[End of Episode 10]

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Inba kept both the poems on his desk and went out for a coffee break.

Meanwhile Pooja visited the IT department to meet him and give him some feedbacks and ask him for a suggestion for the modules he was working on.

The peers told her that he went out for a break.
So she waited at his desk and noticed that there were 2 papers where someone had scribbled something on it.
She knew that its not a good manners to peek into other's stuff, but she couldn't resist her from looking at it.

So she slightly turned the paper and moved the computer mouse slightly which was kept over it as a paper weight.

She noticed that it was some poems.
So she didn't want to read it when he was not around.

At that moment, Inba entered the IT room and noticed that she was looking at his papers.
She smiled at her and said, "I just scribbled something. Its my hobby. Do you want to read it?"

Pooja nodded yes and got the papers from him.
She just glanced both the poems and found to be very apt for what she was thinking of in her mind as well. She thought that Inba understood her inner thoughts and wrote them in behalf of her.

She gave him a shy look and told him that he had written it very well.

Inba replied her "You like it? If so keep it with you" and smiled.

Pooja didn't know what to reply back, but she accepted the offer and took those papers with her and went back.
After going near her place only she remembered that she came to see him.
So she took her desk phone and dialled his extension to know whether he would be free to discuss on the application and modules that he was working on.

At the same time, Inba's team mate told him that she came there to see him.
So he took his phone to ring her and ask her the purpose of her visit to his desk.

It was so timing that before the phone could ring, Inba took the receiver.
Since he didn't hear the ring tone, he just spoke "Hello"..

Pooja on the other line also didn't hear the ring but instead heard his voice.
She didn't knew whether she actually dialled the number or not.
She then replied back saying, "Is it Inba?"

Inba asked "Is it Pooja?"

Both smiled to themselves and replied "Yes" at the same time and smiled again for the coincidence.

Inba: "Did you come to my place to meet me?"

Pooja: "Yes, if you are free now, can I come there to discuss about the modules that you are developing for us? I just need to give some feedbacks and suggestions to it"

Inba: "Sure, you are welcome. I am free only.
Infact I was thinking to ask someone from your team to give me suggestions so that I can provide you guys with what you expect than what I can think of. Please come."

[End of Episode 11]

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Pooja smiled to herself and walked towards Inba's cabin.

Only Inba and other guy was there in the IT room. A call came to that guy, so he also went out to attend the call.
So no one was there in the IT room.

Pooja entered the room and saw no one was there around.
She went and gave Inba a surprise jerk by his chair.
Inba smiled at her and said "Oh, Hi. Tell me which module shall we talk about now?"

Pooja didn't expect that he will directly jump into the discussion mode.
It was no one in the room, the room was very much chill with 18 degrees temperature as there were Servers in the IT room.

She asked quickly "How you guys sit here? Its very chill, isn't it?"

Inba replied, "Yeah, what to do, no other go. Initially I also thought the same, but as time went, I got accustomed to it"

Pooja said "You guys are really Polar bears" and smiled at Inba.

Inba sighed and smiled back.

Pooja: "I liked your poems. Its really superb"

Inba: "Which ones? Oh, the ones you took just now? Thanks. I am used to write poems when I am Happy or Sad or when something touches my heart. Suddenly I thought of writing one and it flew. That's it"

Pooja: "Good. Keep writing like these. I like it."

Inba: "Thanks Pooja. Actually even my brother and sister used to tell the same, but what to do? In this hectic lifestyle, I didn't even get time for all these"

Pooja: "Yeah true. At times I also scribble like these. If you are interested, I will bring it"

Inba: "Why not. Bring it tomorrow. I mean on Monday. By the way, whats the plan for this weekend?"

Pooja didn't understand why he suddenly asked this, but without even thinking she replied immediately "Nothing as of now. Why?"

Inba: "Nothing, I am planning to go for an art exhibition. One of the finest paintings are being displayed there.
I got a pass. If you are interested in it, you can join me. I asked all my team mates, nobody is interested in that.
It will be boring to go alone you see, though I will involve myself there looking the arts and paintings"

Nobody (a boy) had asked Pooja like that before though she had lot of friends. She didn't know whether to accept it or reject it.

She replied him "Mmmmm, I need to think whether I have any other work. Also I need to ask my mom. Can I tell you in an hour?"

[End of Episode 12]

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Pooja rushed to her place smiling to herself.
She discussed about what had happened to her very close friend Shivani.
Shivani and Pooja used to discuss about everything including their work, personal life etc.
So Pooja asked Shivani whether to say yes or no to Inba.
Shivani replied her "Hey, I have never seen you so shy till now. What's the matter?
Say yes and go with him tomorrow. What is there in it?"

Pooja shyingly said, "I am normal only. Suddenly he askedm so don't know what to tell.
That's why I told him that I will tell him later. If I tell now, he will think that I was expecting for this opportunity.
Let me wait and tell."

Time went by and it was around 7PM in the night, Inba forgot that he invited Pooja for the art gallery.
He took his bike and went home.

Pooja thought this would be the right time to speak to Inba when most of the IT guys would have started by now.
So she entered the IT room and noticed that Inba's system was switched off and there was only one more guy left in that room.
Pooja thought to her self that, Inba could have waited for her reply and went. But she really wanted to go with him.

Meanwhile, while Inba was driving, it suddenly struck his mind that he had invited Pooja for the exhibition.

The thing is neither Pooja nor Inba had the phone numbers of either of them.

He didn't know how to contact her.

So he tried to call his office phone and reach out her extension to check whether she is still there at office.
One of his colleagues picked up the call and saw pooja not in the seat and told him "She is not in the seat. I think she might have left for the day."

So he thought that he should have not asked directly like that to her and she might not be interested in coming to the exhibition.
He started his bike and drove towards his home.

Pooja got the phone number of Inba from his IT team mate and stored it in her mobile.
She gave a call to him, but he didn't pick up.
She thought that he could be angry because she didn't reply him atleast a yes or a no.
She became upset and told what happened to Shivani.

Inba didn't pick up the call because he was driving and he didn't hear the phone ringing.
When he reached home, he noticed that there was 2 missed calls. He thought it could be from Pooja.
So he redialled the first missed call and it went to an unknown number.
He sighed to himself and he didn't know whether to call the other one.

Shivani told Pooja that "I think Inba could be driving and thats why he didn't pick up your call.
By the way, how did he know that it is your number? You gave him your number before?"

Pooja gave a hearty smile at Shivani and told her "Yes pa, how did he know that it is my number? I didn't give mine"

[End of Episode 13]

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When they were discussing, suddenly Pooja got shocked on hearing her phone ring. It was him, Inba calling from other end.
She hurriedly picked up the call and said "Hello"

Inba said, "Hello, few minutes back, I got a missed call from this number. May I know who is this?"

Pooja: "Good evening sir. I am Pavithra calling from general health insurance company.
Are you interested to buy a health insurance sir?"

Inba: "Sorry madam, I'm not interested now. I already have one. If needed in the future, I will call you. Thanks"

Without hearing anything from the other end, he cut the call and saved the number as Pavithra followed by a red heart symbol to remember her as a health insurer.
He used to put a symbol for all his contacts which symbolizes friends, health, utilities, relatives and so on.
And this is his first contact in the category health.
But Inba was expecting a call from Pooja.
He thought to himself that he was wrong that only he is thinking about her, but she didn't even cared to reply to him and went home.

Pooja didn't expect him to cut his call so quickly.
Now she got afraid whether he will shout at her or not.

Shivani scolded her for her kiddish behaviour.
Pooja didn't know what to do now. She thought that she could have hurt him.

So Shivani took her mobile and dialled Inba's number. It was ringing and no one picked up.

Inba kept his mobile in silent mode and went for a shower.

She gave 2 more missed calls to him and since nobody picked it up, she didn't try it again.
Shivani lived very near to the office. She usually go to her house by walk.

Since Pooja was upset at that time, they both walked together towards Shivani's house.
They talked in front of her house for a while.

Since it was getting darker, Pooja said good bye to Shivani and took her Activa and started to drive towards her home.

Inba saw his phone flashing to indicate a missed call. When he took it, he saw 3 missed calls.
He thought that definitely it could be Pooja, so he redialled.

Shivani went home inside after waving to Pooja and within few minutes, her mobile rang.
She noticed that it was Inba who is calling her back.
She said "Inba?"

Inba answered "Yes, this is Inba. May I know who is this?"

[End of Episode 14]

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Shivani: "Hey Inba, this is Shiva"

Inba: "Shiva?"

Shivani: "Oh Sorry, my friends used to call me like that. I am Shivani"

Inba: "Hey Shivani, what a surprise? I got a missed call, I thought it's Pooja"

Shivani got the pulse of Inba and wanted to drag the conversation and get to know what he tells about her. So she asked "Why?"

Inba: "Nothing, I asked her one thing today, I mean I asked her whether she can accompany with me for an exhibition.
I totally forgot that I called her and I left the office.
On my way back to home, I remembered it, so called office number.
Poorni told that she left for the day."

Shivani: "Why? Will you call only Pooja??"

Inba: "Hey! Not like that. We were discussing on some topic and at that time I asked her whether she can come for the exhibition.
Thats it. By the way why did you call me now?"

Shivani didn't know what to tell, she thought for a second and answered
"Don't deviate the topic. Tell me. Will you not call me for the exhibition?"

Inba: "Hey, come on. It's not like that. I told you right that we were on a discussion and during that time I asked her.
Tell me, why did you call me now?"

Shivani: "Nothing, I heard from Pooja that you have a pass for the exhibition.
If it can allow more than 2 persons, then I can also join with you guys"

Inba: "What? She said she will come with me?" asked shockingly as well as surprisingly.

Shivani: "Yeah, why? You only called her know?
She actually tried to call you, but you were driving, so I called you to ask whether I can come along with you".

After saying this, she thought to herself that she made a mistake in revealing that it was Pooja who called him before.

Inba: "What? She called me? I didn't receive any call from her. Can you tell me her number?"

Now Shivani was cornered. She didn't know what to do other than giving her number.

Before she could tell him what happened, Inba told her "You know what? I got a missed call from this number.
I thought it was her, so I dialled her back.
But she spoke to me as if she is an health insurance agent.
Let me show her who I am"

[End of Episode 15]

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Shivani didn't understand in which mood he was in by the tone he spoke.

She didn't know whether he replied jovially or angrily.

She wanted him to finish talking and then tell him the truth.
But before she could tell anything, Inba told her hurriedly "Hey Shivani, I call you after sometime.
My mom is calling me for dinner."

Shivani thought that it was the right time to speak to Pooja and tell her what had happened so far.
When she dialled her number, it was engaged.

Actually Pooja tried calling Shivani to tell her that she reached home safely.
Since both were trying at the same time, both didn't get the line.

Shivani was in a hurry to tell this to Pooja before Inba could call her.
Pooja was trying to call Shivani to discuss on how to apologize to Inba.

Meanwhile Shivani's dad called her from Dubai as it was the end of the week.
They usually talk every week for hours discussing about what happened on both the ends.
Shivani's dad was working at Dubai leaving his wife and his daughter here.

After started talking with her dad, Shivani completely forgot that Inba called and they both spoke.
Pooja kept trying her number and after a while remembered that it was the time she used to speak with her dad.
So she didn't try her after that time.

Both Inba and Pooja didn't know where each of them were staying.

It was 8.30 in the evening. Inba had his dinner and came out of his house for a brisk walk.
Everyday he used to come out for a walk after his dinner and meet his friend Kulfiwala.

He was a regular customer of the kulfiwala and they both became friends.
He spoke for 5 minutes with the kulfiwala and returned to his home.

His dad got a call from his uncle and he asked whether Inba will be free the next day to go out and visit a place, where he was planning to buy a piece of land.

By then only Inba remembered about the exhibition and what he spoke with Shivani etc.

He said to his uncle that he have an important work to do, so he cannot come.

Inba wanted to play with Pooja as she did with him.
So he waited for his dad to finish his call so that he can make a call to Pooja from his dad's mobile.

[End of Episode 16]

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Pooja was waiting for Shivani to call her back after seeing her missed calls.

Since Pooja hurriedly copied and stored Inba's number at office, she mistyped his name as Iniya.
She didn't even notice that. She also forgot what name (Pavithra) she told to Inba while talking to him before.

When she was thinking what to do, she got a call from an unknown number.

She answered the call and asked who is that.

Since Inba was very well talented in mimicking, he changed the tone of the voice as a girl and introduced him as Sheela, her old school mate. Once he over heard Pooja talking with Shivani about Sheela. So he used that name.

Pooja hadn't spoken to Sheela over phone for quite number of years so she couldn't recognize her voice.
They both greeted each other and talked for sometime.
Inba was well talented to get things out of the mouth, so he didn't speak much, instead he spoke to her in a questionnaire manner and for all those things Pooja kept replying. He also used this chance to know more about Pooja, so he framed the questions in such a way what her likes and dislikes were.

They spoke for about 25 minutes by then he could not control and laughed out loudly (LOL).

Pooja heard a male laughing sound and couldn't understand what was going on.

Then Inba softly called Pooja "What dear Health Insurance Agent Ms. Pavithra, How are you doing? When you started doing this job?"

Pooja's eyes were full of tears (out of happiness and at the same time ashamed and being cheated).
She felt the love Inba had on her by the way he talked with her.
Wiping her tears she replied, "You cheat, I really didn't know to whom I was talking to and I was talking like an Idiot for the past 25 minutes."

Inba: "Hey come on. Relax, its just a tit for tat. Are you ok?"

Pooja: "First of all, I am sorry. I didn't wantedly do that, I mean to cheat you"

Inba: "Common Pooja. I didn't take it seriously. Otherwise I would have not been talking to you like this.
I like people taking life so easily and those who enjoy their life.
Sorry if our long conversation what we had so far hurt you."

Pooja: "No probs. Infact I was thinking why my friend was asking me all these things which she knew already.
By the way how did you know about Sheela? Did Shivani tell her about you."

Inba: "Chill chill. Few days back, when I passed by your area, I heard you telling this name to Shivani and she is your classmate like that. 
So thought of giving it a try and it worked out perfectly."

Pooja: "Useless fellow. You are too good at mimicking as well and you have lot of inbuilt talents.
I didn't even get a slight doubt that I am talking to a boy."

Inba; "Thank you, thank you, thank you.
I spoke to Shivani and she only told that you gave me a missed call when I was driving.
From that, I got to know its you.
She also told that you are coming tomorrow for the exhibition.
Lets talk to you more in detail tomorrow.
Before I forgot, please tell Shivani that she can also accompany us tomorrow.
Its a four member pass, so no issues.
Catch you tomorrow. Bye. Good night"

Pooja: "Good night Inba. See ya tomorrow"

[End of Episode 17]

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good going............
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Pooja sent Shivani a message for the next day's visit to the art exhibition.

Next day Shivani and Pooja went well ahead before Inba could come to the exhibition in order not to be late.
While they were waiting for Inba to come, they both discussed on what happened last night on the call and had a hearty laugh.

Pooja could see a thudding sound of a bullet coming at the exhibition parking lot and it is Inba. But it is not just Inba who came in the bike, but also another girl behind him with her hands on his shoulders. While getting down from the bike, she got slipped off and Inba helped her to regain her balance. She looked gorgeous with a black round coolers and a slim figure wearing an elite yellow color salwar kameez with red embroidery.

Shivani didn't notice what Pooja had. Shivani was about to start a conversation, but Pooja interrupted her and sighed her on the scene. They could see the girl was holding Inba's hand very tightly while walking towards them. Many thoughts ran on Pooja's head, but she couldn't control her emotions and slightly tears came in her eyes. She wiped it before anyone could notice that.

Shivani, being a close friend of Pooja, got the pulse of her and kind of consoled her by putting her arm over her shoulder.

Inba and that girl were discussing something and laughing while they were approaching the exhibition hall.

Inba saw Pooja and Shivani and greeted them. He also introduced them to that girl. And on the return he introduced her as "Priyanka, the lucky" and smiled at them. He kept holding Priyanka and asked Pooja and Shivani to come along with them as it's time for the exhibition to start. When they were about to enter the exhibition hall, the security guard asked for the ticket to enter for which Inba took a visiting card from his wallet and handed it over to the security person. The security guard, on seeing the card, greeted both Inba and Priyanka and asked how many are accompanying them. He showed his hand towards Pooja and Shivani and all 4 got in.

Pooja couldn't understand what was going on as Inba didn't show the ticket or the pass rather gave him just a visiting card. She was curious on two things now rather than one - who is Priyanka and what's in that visiting card.

They all started to walk through the corridor while Inba and Priyanka were whispering something and giggling to themselves. Pooja couldn't control her curiousness anymore to know about Priyanka. So she thought of asking it to Inba. Meanwhile, Inba told the other 3 of them to stay where they were and left the place hurriedly as if he is going to catch a flight.

Now, Pooja got a very good opportunity to ask Priyanka directly about her relationship with Inba, but didn't know how to start the conversation.

Pooja: "Hi Priyanka, you look very beautiful"

Priyanka: "Is it? Thank you and this is what Inba tells me always from the time he met me" and giggles.

Pooja thought to herself that, it is now confirmed that Priyanka is not a relative to Inba by birth and she could either be a friend or a girl friend to him. So her curiosity increased further and keen to know more about her. She didn't know how to frame the question to ask her about her relationship with him.

Pooja: "Is it? So, how and when did you meet Inba?"

Priyanka started to explain what happened few years before.

Priyanka: "Before 7 years, do not remember the exact date, but I know it was August and I think it was raining heavily on that day when I was going to my home in the late evening. As it was late and it was raining heavily, I guess there was not much visibility."

Pooja thought to herself, "what??? she guess there was poor visibility???"

Priyanka: "When I tried to cross the road, one car came from my right and hit me badly and threw me out on the middle of the road I guess. I couldn't know where to go and how to go as I was lying down hurt severly and even without having my stick with me"

Pooja interrupted and asked: "What? Stick?"

Priyanka: "Yeah, my blind stick... Btw, I am blind by birth and I cannot see the world as you guys do"

It shocked Pooja to the core and literally she was shaking her body (like shivering) out of the shock as she couldn't take it, as God has made a gorgeous looking girl a handicap. Without a pause, she asked "What? Are you serious? My God"

Priyanka replied her softly and gently "Yes, I am blind. Does that hurt you guys, I mean is there a problem of me being with you guys ? If so, I am sorry"

Pooja: "Hey, what are you talking? I am feeling hurt for both - after hearing that you are blind and you asking this question to us. In fact we have to be sorry to you. I am really very sorry hearing this from you."

Priyanka: "It's ok. I am used to this since birth, so it doesn't hurt me. But many people feel bad if a handicapped person talks/sits next to them, thats why I asked that to you. But, you see life has changed a lot for me rather I would say fantastic after meeting my dear Inba"

Though Pooja could feel pity and show sympathy towards Priyanka, the last few words told by Priyanka made her more and more curious about their relationship. So she asked her back.

Pooja: "Is it? Why would you say that?"

Priyanka: "It's a long story, it will take days for me to explain to you".

This kept Pooja more on curiosity and surprises...

[End of Episode 18]

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Pooja and Shivani looked at each other with a shocking surprise on hearing Priyanka's intro. Before they could ask anything to Priyanka, Inba came back rushing and grabbed Priyanka by hand and called the other 2 to follow them.

He took them to a big room and asked the other 2 to wait there and took Priyanka alone with him to few of the members standing there and introduced Priyanka to them. Everyone shaken their hands to Priyanka and was greeting her.

Pooja couldn't understand the head and tail of what was going on there.

Inba came and told "Let's go to the gallery".

So, all of them went to the gallery floor and started to see the art works exhibited there. All were big and huge abstract and fascinating paintings and each one of them trying to tell something to the world.

Inba was holding Priyanka's hand and telling her what he is currently seeing. For each and everything, she was explaining him about that picture as what it means and all the details about all those pictures. At that instance, Pooja became manic on hearing the explanations of Priyanka to Inba.

So she asked Inba, "Without seeing these pictures, how is she able to explain the finest details in these pictures?"

Inba: "Oh, did she say about her? Hmmm... Did you notice the signature in these pictures?"

Pooja didn't notice that so far as she was carried away with Priyanka's explanation to each one of those pictures and after hearing those explanations, she could see a life in each of those pictures, where she couldn't see that before. To her surprise, all those pictures had the signature as a letter 'P' with the top loop of the 'P' being blind folded and as if that 'P' is leaning towards a letter 'I' with the end of the capital 'I' holding 'P' firmly which in itself looked like an art.

Pooja asked Inba, "Do you mean to say, all these are drawn by Priyanka?"

Inba noded yes happily and told "Yes, that's why I said Priyanka, the lucky when I introduced her"

Pooja could see the smile and shyness in Priyanka's face. She could also see that the signature itself speaks a lot trying to portray Priyanka's life with Inba being a supporting hand for her. She was speech struck and couldn't even imagine how she could have drawn all these fabulous pictures.

There were around 15 to 20 pictures being exhibited in a single big hall and all those pictures had the signature of Priyanka. Now she understands why the security guard allowed them just by showing the visiting card. So she asked Inba as what he shown to that Security guy.

Inba took 2 cards from his wallet and handed one to each of them. It was actually the visiting card of Priyanka as a person who conducts classes on arts to others. The card had a wording at the bottom of the card "Your Vision and Imaginations are your true eyes". Pooja came to know from Inba that the card design was also done by Priyanka only. There also her signature was there, but as a logo.

Pooja thought that, that was the right chance for asking for the explanation of the logo.

Pooja: "What does the Logo means?"

Inba: "If you could notice, it has 2 main alphabets P and I and each one means us"

Pooja got confused with his reply "US", whether he meant her and him or him and Priyanka. But she clarified herself that 'P' should be definitely Priyanka as she was the one who drew all these.

Pooja: "Oh wow, nice depiction. But how could she draw without seeing?"

Priyanka interrupted and said, "Can we talk all these outside this hall as I think we might be disturbing others. Sorry to stop you Pooja"

Pooja: "Hey, no worries. Yeah that should be correct. Let's goto the next hall. Btw, I must definitely say that you are born genius and gifted and as Inba said you are lucky to have Inba by your side"

Inba couldn't understand, in what sense Pooja told that, as it looked like the words coming from a person who is upset. But he didn't ask anything to her, but gave her a look as if he heard the INNER feeling of her.

When they entered the next hall, they could see some paintings on sceneries, some portraits of common poor people on the roadsides, some pictures of God of different religions. All these had some price tags as well for sale, but not costly.

Pooja noticed that, Inba was not observing the pictures in the second hall rather trying to visualize about each painting to Priyanka. She went nearer to Inba to hear what and how he is explaining to Priyanka. His explanations were so vivid that she could bring in the scene in front of her eyes by closing her eyes and just hearing what he is saying. After the explanation, she could see that each picture speaks thousand words than she initially saw. She could observe and enjoy each and every minute details that those pictures had.

She also noticed that all the pictures in that hall had a signature with a smiley lip, but looked like a sticky man lying down casually with his hand on his hip. On keen observation, she could see that the sticky man is nothing but a lying letter 'I' and she could see a letter 'P' with the hand gesture. So she wanted to know who drew all those pictures and how could he visualize those pictures so beautifully and explain about them in depth.

Pooja: "Hey Inba, do you know about the person who drew all these pictures or do you already know about these pictures ?"

Priyanka gave a funny smile at Pooja and told her "Sorry Inba, I have to say this. You know what Pooja! this exhibition is mainly for Inba's art works and mine in the first hall are just for the people to tell them that there are a lot more to see in the upcoming halls"

Inba replied back saying "Hey, Priyu, stop that... I would say that my artwork is nothing when compared to your's" and pushed her on a friendly way.

Pooja could see the Chemistry between Inba and Priyanka and the way they behave and talk and how they are spending their lives in dedicating their time in a fine piece of art.

[End of Episode 19]

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Soon Pooja could see that people who came there to visit the gallery got attracted towards the paintings and started to take selfies with both the artists after knowing that they were the owners of all the paintings. She and Shivani also wanted to take one with them as they wanted to feel proud that they are the friends of 2 good artists.

So Pooja put her hand over Priyanka and at the same time Inba also put on his hand over Priyanka, which unfortunately touched Pooja's hand. Pooja got a goose bump on having Inba's hand over her. Inba didn't feel that so, as he was thinking that it was Priyanka's shoulder. Pooja couldn't take out her hands off Priyanka as Inba's hand was on her.

When Shivani clicked 2 selfies, she could notice that the face of Pooja was not normal and she seemed to be restless. Then she noticed that Inba's hand was over her. So she casually told Inba "Inba, do you know on who you are putting your hand?"

Inba then realized that and took his hand swiftly and told "Sorry Pooja, I didn't know that".

Pooja starred at Shivani for giving both of them an embarrassed situation.

This time, Inba took a selfie of 4 of them with a background of one his best paintings for that year.

They took so much time in both the halls getting to know about each and every painting and they could see that most of the paintings were already sold with a sticker Sold under each picture. Only few pictures were left within the first few hours of display.

Pooja asked Inba as what would he would be doing with all these money.

Inba said: "All these paintings are the ones which affected me in one of the ways and I didn't draw all these for the sake of earning money. So, all these goes to a charity/cause, which I am yet to decide on. May be I would go by my sister's advice"

Pooja: "Sister?? Oh, you got a sister? Hmmm, where is she?"

Inba: "She is next to me" and held the hands of Priyanka and smiled at her.

Pooja couldn't believe what she heard just now. She couldn't know whether to smile or cry out of anxiety or what. But she controlled all her emotions and asked coolly, "but Priyanka said she met you some 7 years before only!!! I didn't get you"

Inba said, "It's a long story. I will tell you later, may be after we get out of this exhibition. Is that fine?"

Pooja smiled at Shivani and Shivani knew why she was smiling at her and she also smiled her back and shook her hand like a kind of congratulations.

There were 3 rooms for display, 2 big halls and a small room. These guys finished seeing all the pictures in the 2 halls and they were about to goto the next room. Before that, Inba asked the other 3 whether they could go for a mini snack break before they could goto the next room. Since he insisted and he knowing about the galleries that were displayed, Pooja accepted it and so as Shivani.

They went to the top floor of that exhibition hall where there was a small cafeteria. Since there was an overwhelming response for his art gallery, he said that whatever they order there, is on him. Pooja and Shivani just order 2 cookies and a strong Madras coffee which is the specialty of that cafeteria. Inba ordered a plate of Samosa along with tea while Priyanka ordered just a lemon tea.

While they were having their snacks, few people who visited all the rooms including the small room which Pooja and Shivani were yet to see,  came to cafeteria and saw these guys sitting over there and came to their desk and starred at Pooja and smiled at her and walked away. It was strange for Pooja to see not just one but many to give only her a stare look when all were seated together. She felt slightly uneasy for those people's behaviours.

Out of curiosity, she asked Inba "Did you notice people starring at me? Is there anything in my face?"

Inba while sipping his tea, slightly spit out a few drops out of laughter, but yet controlled and said "Nope... Nothing... You don't care about it. Leave it"

Pooja: "I didn't get you. I am saying that I am embarrassed and you are asking me not to care about it!!!"

Inba: "Cool... Cool... I didn't mean to say like that. I said, take it easy like that. May be you could be the smartest looking person in this table, so people might be sighting at you. So take it as a compliment rather than embarrassment"

Pooja: "Are you sure?". She then turned towards Shivani and asked her "Is my face ok? Is anything funny in my face?"

Shivani couldn't see anything different in Pooja's face and calmed her and told the same thing what Inba said.

This left Pooja even more embarrassed as she didn't have any clue as why people came and starred only her in their group.

Inba paid the bill and was waiting for Pooja to finish her coffee as she was just thinking about the incidents happened and not drinking her cup of coffee. After Pooja finished her coffee and when they were about to move, the cashier called her by name and told "Pooja mam, you are looking good".

After hearing and not believing what she just heard from a cashier of a cafeteria where she had never visited and didn't know the person either, she wondered how that person knew her name. But to respond to him, she just said "Thank you" but gave a starry look at him.

She was thinking to herself as what happened to her that day as right from the morning some strange things kept happening and left her with many surprises.

Now her only thought was not to goto the next room to see the other displays, rather was thinking on only one thing - why people starred at her and why some unknown person wished her and that too by her name...

[End of Episode 20]

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Woo.... Excellent. Great going
I guess, the last room must hv a painting of Pooja....

Waiting for the next update
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"Its' Ok. As I said, you are sweeter than the coffee, so the coffee tastes good too" said Inba smiling at Poorvi (Maxi).

Poorvi gave shy look at Inba for his reply. But Inba didn't answer to what Poorvi was looking for. Suddenly phone rang and it was Inba's sister on the other line calling him to come and pick her up. Inba told Poorvi that he has to go immediately to pick his sister and took his bike key.

Poorvi got slightly irritated for his mannerless behaviour, and she was thinking to herself whether picking her sister is more important than the reply to her proposal. So she just stopped Inba and asked.

Poorvi: "Fine, may I know a reply for what I am expecting for ?"

Inba: "Expecting? What?"

Poorvi: "Inba, please don't act funny as if you don't know anything. Please tell me, do you like me?"

Inba: "Poorvi, its not the time to talk about. I will surely talk to you in detail on this. I need to go now urgently as she will be waiting for me"

Poorvi: "Is picking up your sister so urgent than just replying to me in few words? I want to know now itself"

Inba got really agitated by the way she replied. He thought of explaining her that he needs time, but after seeing her attitude, he thought of deciding there itself and told her straight on her face "Sorry, I didn't Love you and btw, she is more important than you. Does that answer your question? You want more explanation?"

Poorvi got shocked by the way he replied and she didn't expect that Inba would reply like that. She took her handbag, didn't say anything to him and just left the house with tears on her eyes.

Inba didn't mean to say that in that harsh way to her though he decided to say NO to her only. He felt bad that he shouldn't have told like that. He felt guilty that he broke a person's heart by his harsh words though he is not a person of that type. He wanted to apologies to Poorvi as soon as he picked up his sister which he felt was more important at that time, but later he forgot to.

Days passed by and Inba was busy with his work and personal life. He totally forgot about that incident itself.

Inba is kind at heart and most of the times won't hurt people intentionally, but at times, due to his short temper and anger, he do not know what he talks and later feel sad and worry about it. Very few people know really about Inba and one among them is Priyanka and his brother Indrajeeth.

Whatever happens to Inba, be it good or bad, he discuss them with Priyanka and Indrajeeth, but Indrajeeth would not pay much attention to Inba. So Inba shares his feelings and incidents with Priyanka for sure and vice versa.

Days before the exhibition, he remembered the incident which happened when Poorvi visited his house. Since that time, Poorvi didn't call Inba as well. So Inba tried to invite Poorvi to the exhibition so that he can get some time to console her. But when he tried to call her, he came  to know that Poorvi went to US for higher studies and would return a few days just before the exhibition date.

Rather than him calling her, he asked Priyanka to call her and ask whether she could come for the exhibition. When she called Poorvi, she accepted and told that she would definitely come for the exhibition. So Inba and Priyanka eagerly waited for Poorvi to come to the exhibition.

The other person which they were expecting was Prathiba, were Inba couldn't get time to speak to her after she went to Bangalore and there was no call from her as well. Inba had sent a mail to Prathiba and invited her for the exhibition 2 weeks back. Prathiba replied to his email that it might be doubtful for her to come and visit him at the exhibition. But her intention was to really come and meet him and tell him one thing which she was willing to for a long time.

As Inba, Priyanka, Pooja and Shivani were about to walk out of the cafeteria, Indrajeeth (Indra) came rushing towards them and said "Sorry guys, I was a little late. I got stuck up with my auditions and came running from that"

Pooja asked Inba as who is he, for which Inba replied her saying that he is Indrajeeth, his brother whom he met 3 years back.

The moment Inba told 3 years back, Pooja asked him back "What? You told you met Priyanka 7 years back and says she is you sister and now you are saying he is your brother but you met him 3 years back. Do you mean to say they are not your real siblings?"

Inba nodded a big yes to Pooja, but it gave a sad feeling to Indra and slightly changed his mood. Inba sensed that and diverted the topic to bring in the funny and enjoyable mood back into Indra. Since Indra didn't have his breakfast, he insisted Inba and others to stay with him in the cafeteria till he finishes his brunch.

Inba then introduced Shivani to Indra, but not Pooja.

Pooja: "Hey, I am sorry I shouldn't have asked like that, but that doesn't mean that I shouldn't not be introduced to your brother"

Indra: "Oh no, not like that. I already know about you and have seen you, that's why I didn't need an introduction about you"

The moment Indra said this, Inba stomped his leg for telling like that and Indra shouted "Ouch" as it hurted him.

Pooja was surprised one more time for Indra's reply. Now she figured out something strange happening, but that time Shivani gave a smile to Pooja for which Pooja couldn't understand why she was smiling at her. She thought to herself that all were playing some game on her. She couldn't take it anymore surprises.

At that time, a call came for Inba and Inba saw the name on the phone and with a smile stood up and said "Guys, you be talking, I have got an important call and I must attend it" and went alone with the phone.

[End of Episode 21]

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It was Prathiba on the other line.

Inba: "Hey Prathiba, how are you doing? What a surprise? Where are you?"

Inba replied to the phone call which Pooja over heard. Now Pooja got one more surprise as who the other person was on the other line. She told to herself that, it was the worst day ever in her life with full of suspense and surprises.

Prathiba: "Yeah, its a surprise. I am waiting at the corridor. Where are you?"

Inba: "What? Really? But you said you won't come as you are busy like that?"

Prathiba: "Yes, but my manager was in a good mood, when I asked for a day's leave and tomorrow being a Saturday thought of taking a long weekend. Can you come to the corridor?"

Inba: "That's Cool. Be there, I am at the cafeteria on the first floor. I am coming down"

Inba cut the call and told the guys in the table "Guys, I am going down. Prathiba has come, will bring her here"

Pooja became restless because of many incidents that happened one by one. She thought of going to the restroom to wash her face and get her slightly relaxed. "Guys, do you know where the restroom is?"

Shivani also stood up when she asked that.

Inba said "Ok, I will show you where the restroom is and go down. Come"

Inba met Prathiba on the corridor where he saw Prathiba was full of smile. They both gave a friendly hug and he took Prathiba to the cafeteria.

Inba ordered a special tea for Prathiba and a couple of samosas to munch along. He then introduced Indra and Priyanka to her. But Indra didn't seem to pay much attention rather was busy with his mobile phone texting to someone, while starring at her.

While they were talking, Pooja and Shivani arrived at the table. After seeing Prathiba, Pooja starred at her for some couple of minutes and Prathiba did the same with Pooja as well.. Inba was seeing that and asked Prathiba, "Do you know her?"

Prathiba said "Are you Pooja?"

Pooja gave a good smile back at Prathiba and said "Hey Prathiba, yes it's me. How are you? How do you know Inba?"

Prathiba: "I was about to ask the same thing to you"

Inba: "Hey guys, you know each other before?"

Pooja: "yes Inba, she was my school mate. We both did schooling till 7th grade and after which we didn't have touch at all. it's long time since we are meeting again"

Inba: "Oh wow. Nice, its a small world you see. Btw, Prathiba, this is Shivani, my colleague and so is Pooja"

Prathiba: "Hey! Hi Shivani"

Prathiba and Pooja started to talk for a while and each other giggled by sharing some funny school incidents.

Pooja: "So, how do you know Inba? And what a surprise visit here?"

Prathiba: "I know Inba on my friend's wedding and he was of very much helpful teaching me the basics of computing. And I have to say that if I am at this position both officially and personally means, it is because of Inba"

Inba: "Common yaar, don't over boast me. I just taught you what I knew. That's it"

Prathiba: "Guys, do you have few minutes? I just wanted to say something. Good that many of you are here. So I guess, I would get a better reply"

With this said by Prathiba, Pooja, Inba and Shivani couldn't understand what she was about to say. It was more shocking for Pooja as she was not sure what might she be going to tell.

Prathiba: "I am in Love with a person and would like to marry him. So I need your advices"

[End of Episode 22]

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