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 PI (A parallel attraction)

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PostSubject: Re: PI (A parallel attraction)   Tue Jun 21, 2016 12:31 pm

Inba: "Wow, who is that lucky fellow?"

Prathiba: "He is here in this place only"

Saying this, Inba and Pooja got tensed and this time it was a shocking surprise for Inba as Prathiba do not know anyone in that group other than him. Same way as Pooja too and she got nervous.

Pooja thought to herself that Prathiba should not take her place that she broke the news upfront in front of all of them...

There was a big silence where each and everyone were just looking each other's face mainly Inba and Pooja.

Prathiba: "What!! Why all are silent and no one is opening their mouth?"

Priyanka: "Only you have to tell..."

Pointing to Indra, Prathiba said "Can I tell or..."

Saying this, Inba got shocked and gave a surprising look at Indra.

Indra: "Bro, I have been thinking about this for quite sometime to tell you, but didn't know how to tell this. We both are in love for few months and we have decided to getting married, so I thought this would be the right time to tell you and Priyu"

Inba: "What??? How did you know about her? When did you meet her? I am still in a state of shock..."

Indra: "Sorry Inba, sorry Priyu... I should have told you guys when I proposed her itself. It's my mistake only."

Inba: "It's ok, don't be sorry.. But tell me how and when you both met?"

Prathiba: "Indra came to my office @ Bangalore for Corporate training and during one on one Q&A session, we got to talk to each other for sometime. Before calling you to tell that I got an offer and going to Bangalore, I visited your house as I thought of telling you in person that I am moving to Bangalore. At that time I met Indra at your home. So when he came to Bangalore, we became good friends and we went out for lunch couple of times and liked each other and he proposed me." and gave a smiling look at Indra.

Inba gave a big sigh and told "Hmmm.... Many things happened in silence.. If you both like each other, then no issues for me. It's your life and you guys have to decide. I know personally both of you and you both make out a good pair. I know little more about Indra than Prathiba. So, on Indra's decision I can't interfere... But, did you tell this to mom?"

Indra: "No bro, we just want to tell this to you first and then only rest. Only you have to tell her. I am feeling shy"

Inba: "Rascal, for your love, why do I have to tell her? You face her. You know to propose and also decide to get married, but don't have the guts to say mom?"

Indra: "No bro, not like that"

Inba: "Hey!! Chill... I am just pulling your leg.. No worries, I will tell this matter to mom..

What Prathiba, happy now?"

Prathiba: "Yes Inba, very happy now. Feeling relaxed. Didn't think you will accept it so easily."

Indra: "I told you right, that my bro is a very good person and he will not be against it"

Inba: "Yaai..."

All had a hearty laugh...

Inba: "Then, tonight's dinner for all of us will be sponsored by Indra and Prathiba at our usual chat center. Unlimited orders"

Indra: "Done deal"..

Both Indra and Prathiba joined their hands and sat together in the table next to each other with a hearty smile to each other.

Pooja now looked at Inba and at the same time Inba gave a look at Pooja.

[End of Episode 23]

Karthi (Admin)
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PostSubject: Re: PI (A parallel attraction)   Tue Jun 21, 2016 8:32 pm

Since Indra wanted to sit next to Prathiba, he asked Pooja to change her place which made her sit next to Inba.

Pooja noticed a young girl of their age with Mehandi all over her hands and in a glamorous salwar walking towards towards them. Since Inba was sitting in the opposite direction, he couldn't see that girl coming.

Suddenly his phone rang and it was the same ringtone which he has set right from the day he was having the mobile. The ringtone was a funny laugh of a baby. Recognizing the tune, the girl turned towards the table where these guys were seated. Before Inba could attend the call and see who was calling him, the call got cut. He then noticed that the call was from Poorvi.

So he stood up to redial, but he felt a hand on his shoulder. He turned to see Poorvi standing behind him with a smile on her face at him.

Inba was in a dilema whether to smile at her back or what because of the last incident happened between them. Before he could open his mouth, Poorvi started...

Poorvi: "How are you dear?"

Inba: "Hey, hi... How are you doing?"

Poorvi: "You didn't expect that I would come here right? I thought you would call me and speak to me atleast once after I left your house. It's ok."

Inba: "Sorry Poorvi, I didn't mean to, but I was very busy with my work at office and home"

Poorvi: "Ok, I didn't come here for any arguments or talking about what had happened. I have come here mainly to tell you that I got engaged and I am getting married next month"

Inba: "Is it? Great. Congrats. I just wanted to say sorry to you for what had happened on that day. And as you said I do not wish to argue on that, just felt like saying sorry. Hope you do not take me wrong."

Poorvi: "In fact I have to thank you for your response on that day which made me think and to say ok to the boy which my family had already seen for me. Btw, who is your sister here?"

Inba then introduced her to all others.

While they were talking, Pooja guessed that something happened between them in the past, but do not know what had happened. But one way she was happy that Poorvi got engaged.

Poorvi: "I didn't know these many are there. I just brought 2 of my wedding invitations. I will go and send you all my invitations"

Inba: "No worries Poorvi, we all are in the same family only. So only one invitation is enough. We all will definitely attend.

You want anything to drink or eat?"

Poorvi: "No thanks. I do not feel like eating or drinking anything now. Moreover my Fiancé is waiting downstairs at the parking lot, so I need to go."

Inba: "Hey, call him inside. I want to show you all an important one. Please call him"

Poorvi called her fiancé over phone. Meanwhile, when Inba said that he wanted to show something important, Pooja started to think what could be that.

Poorvi's fiancé came to the cafeteria and all got introduced. Slowly that place become crowded with more noise coming out of their gossips.

All left the cafeteria. At that time Pooja asked "where are we going now?"

Inba: "There are 3 halls and you have seen 2 out of it. One more is there to see and it would take some time to see. That's why I thought of having a coffee break"

All of them entered into the third small room. It was comparatively darker than the other 2 halls. In this room, there was no multiple displays, rather there was only one huge picture of size 10 feet height and 8 feet in width was displayed with soothing warm lights flashing from multiple directions.

When they went near the picture, Pooja could see that it is not just a single picture but a picture collage having more than 40 people's face and few animals like dog, cow, tiger, elephant etc. It also had some sceneries like mountain, river, falls, hut house, farm land, trees and others.

Under the picture, was something scribbled, but she couldn't identify what it is. All she could see was faces of Indra, Priyanka, Poorvi, Inba's mom, and many others which she didn't know. But she couldn't see her face in that collage. So her inquisitiveness towards the incident happened at the cafeteria was eating her brain. but she couldn't ask him directly as where her picture was.

Poorvi could see that her face was also there in the collage and was happy seeing that. She shown that to her fiancé.

Both Poorvi and Pooja asked Inba at the same time. "What is this collage about and what does it depict?"

Inba explained each and every face in that collage and told them that all these people came across in his life and made some sort of mark in his life and that collage depicts his life.

[End of Episode 24]

Karthi (Admin)
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PostSubject: Re: PI (A parallel attraction)   Tue Jun 21, 2016 10:40 pm

Saying that, Pooja felt bad because she was not there in that collage. But in that room was a mirror exactly opposite to that Collage which none of them in that group noticed.

Since Pooja was behind Shivani, Shivani wanted to see Pooja and see her emotions as how she feels at that time. While turning back, she noticed that mirror and could see a beautiful and marvellous picture of Pooja and the scribbling under that collage was a mirror image of "Pooja" being written.

Actually the whole collage portrayed a single image of Pooja bending down on shyness. Shivani couldn't believe her eyes and wanted to call Pooja and tell her that.

Inba noticed Shivani that she saw that and gave her a sign not to reveal that to Pooja. Shivani gave him a smile back.

Poorvi noticed that silently, and then only saw the mirror behind her. It was such a beautiful painting she had ever seen. Then she thought to herself that the decision she took was the right decision as Inba was not interested on her at all and he treated her as just a friend and nothing more than that.

Out of the happiness, Poorvi shouted "Wow" which made Pooja turn and see her. In that process, she also happened to see the image in the mirror and couldn't believe her eyes. She saw a wonderful image of her with her name below and above the collage was written "My Life". For few seconds she was out of breathe and nothing rolled in her mind. She was speech struck for few seconds. After that many things peeped in her mind and tears came out of her eyes out of happiness and anxiety. Inba shot a video capturing all her expressions after seeing the picture.

Pooja saw Inba and he just gave her a simple but a loving smile and just nodded to her as if asking her to come near him.

Pooja moved towards him in baby steps and didn't know what to do, whether to say anything to him or what....

Inba opened his arms to hug her and Pooja swiftly went and hugged him tightly and cried out loud. Butterflies flew in both of their stomachs and they didn't care about others watching them. It was one of the best love proposals ever made so far.

Both didn't speak even a word but their actions and eye contacts spoke million words where only both of them understood.

Reporters from few magazines came for highlighting the art work done by Inba and Priyanka. They captured few moments of their best love proposal as well. After seeing few flashes, Pooja realized the situation and took her hands off him.

She wiped her tears and still was not out of the great happiness she had ever had in her life. She wanted to shout out loud to the God and thank him for giving her a best loving friend / partner. She went and hugged Shivani, Priyanka and Prathiba as well. Poorvi congratulated Pooja for a great life ahead and Pooja wished her back for her marriage.

It became such a romantic scene in front of all the visitors.

One of the visitors came and asked him to explain the collage for which Inba answered that the collage contains the faces of most important persons whom he had met in his life and who left him a mark on his heart, but on the  whole, his life is Pooja. On hearing that, Pooja wanted to hug him again and kiss him, but since its a public place and all are around them including the reporters, she controlled herself, but gave a crying and at the same time a smiling look at Inba.

Though all the pictures in the gallery had some price tag in them, this picture alone had a small sticker saying "Not for Sale".

Indra and Priyanka were happy to get a good sister in law and congratulated Pooja and welcomed her to their home.

After sometime, all of them came out of the exhibition hall and Indra told Inba that he would drop Prathiba in her home and come back.

Poorvi gave a parting good bye to all and reminded them to attend her marriage for sure.

Shivani understanding the situation told Inba that she would take care of Priyanka and drop her home leaving Inba and Pooja alone.

Inba agreed and joined the hand of Pooja and walked towards his bike. Pooja's face brightened thousand times and she wanted to hug him again, but she leaned on his shoulders and walked towards his bike.

Inba: "So, how do you feel now? Are you happy?"

Pooja: "Happy??? I am not getting any other word which is more than happiness. Thank you Inba. Thank you for choosing me your life partner. I didn't know you liked and loved me this much"

Inba: "Without Shivani I wouldn't have got your profile picture"

Pooja: "What? Shivani?"

Inba: "Yeah, I asked her your picture long back which she had in her mobile. I used it for making this collage. Even she didn't know for what purpose I asked for as I asked even her picture in order not to create any doubtfulness in her mind."

Pooja: "You are very much talented Inba. I am really blessed"

Inba: "Infact, I should say that I am too blessed to have you as my life partner"

Pooja: "Is it? Why?"

[End of Episode 25]

Karthi (Admin)
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PostSubject: Re: PI (A parallel attraction)   Thu Apr 19, 2018 12:33 am

Inba and Pooja walked towards his bike and started discussing on why both of them liked each other.

Pooja sat behind Inba on his Bullet and hugged him tightly as much she can to show her fullest love towards him.

Inba got the love and warmth of her and took her left hand and kissed it and kept it over his heart and said
"You are always here" and took the bike and went out of the art gallery.
He turned the left mirror so that he could see her face while driving. The couple kept smiling every single second seeing each other in the mirror.

Pooja: "By the way, where are we going now?"

Inba: "First we are going to a temple, get the blessings from the God and drive towards my home. I am planning give my mom a surprise introducing you to her"

Pooja: "She already knew about me or ????"

Inba: "Though she don't know that I am in love with you, she knows the in and out of you. I share most of my personal details both to her as well as Priya.
Both are very loving and caring. I don't see Indra quite often because of his work and shift timings, so he knows a little bit about you."

Pooja: "Don't mistake me, what would you do if your mom did not accept me?"

Inba: "I don't think so it would happen, else she would have warned me or given me a sign a long before and she knows about me very well than I know about me.
But I am not sure how my father is going to take this, though he might not object it."

Pooja became happy and joyful, hearing what he said and she hugged him even more tighter.

Inba: "How about your parents? What if they object?"

Pooja: "My parents are similar to your's. They gave me full freedom since my childhood. They wouldn't mind, me getting married to you."

Both of them talked a lot on the way to the temple and got down at the temple. They went inside the temple. 

The temple was a big one and an ancient one, built by Raja Raja Chozhan, some 500 years back. It's Pooja's first time to be at that temple.
So she was fascinated seeing the temple and started to go around the temple.

Since its just 2 streets away, it's Inba daily / regular activity to come to the temple early in the morning and spend some time peacefully near the big pond, talking (internally) to the fishes in that pond, enjoying the silence inside the temple and start the day. 
Most of them at the temple knows him, as he involves himself in many social activities for good cause.

Inba's favourite Gods are Lord Ganesha and Muruga. He stood infront of the Ganesha idol and closed his eye for praying. When he opened his eyes, he was surprised to see his mom in front of him starring at him.

He didn't know whether to smile at her or what. She gave him a starring look and in the eye language itself asked who the girl is. He smiled at her and said, let's talk at home, we are coming there only.

While they were talking in sign language / gestures, Pooja was going round the temple, so she didn't notice her.

Inba's mom somewhat guessed that, that girl would be Pooja as she hasn't seen him with any other girl next to him other than Priya.

She gave him a starring smile and nodded her head and walked out of the temple towards her home.

His house is just 2 streets away from the temple. Inba took some time praying, and also to give his mom some time to settle down. Meanwhile he was thinking on how to open the topic.

Inba didn't want to scare Pooja, so didn't say any word about what had happened while she was away.

They both went to a sweet stall, got some sweets and savouries and went home.

Inba could see that his dad's car was parked inside the house. So, he was a little bit tensed.

Before entering his home, he just rang the door bell to give his mom a signal that he is home (as she was expecting them).

No one peeped out from the hall to see who has come, so Inba took her inside. Pooja was tensed (though happy and expected everything would go well) and adjusted her Jeans and Tops and also her hair as they came in the bike a long way from the art gallery.

"Come on", heard a base voice from inside. As she entered slowly, she saw Inba's mom and dad sitting on the couch and giving them a warm smile. She could see a glass of water and a Copper jug kept on the table and a plate of snacks as if they were very much expecting them.

She greeted them and smiled at them.

Inba: "Dad..."

Dad: "Hello Pooja"

Pooja got another shocking surprise, the moment she heard him calling her by her name as both of them were seeing each other for the first time, but he didn't react that way.

[End of Episode 26]

Karthi (Admin)
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PostSubject: Re: PI (A parallel attraction)   Thu Apr 19, 2018 1:19 am

Come bro, heard another voice which was coming from kitchen. It was Priyanka's.

By now, Pooja understood why his father greeted her like that. She immediately fell on their feet to get blessings from them.
Inba's dad made her sit adjacent to their couch and by that time Inba went hurriedly inside the kitchen.

Dad: "Inba, come here. Where are you going?"

Inba: "Yes, coming pa. Will have water and come."

Dad: "Everything is kept here. Don't make fool around us" (said in a funny tone).

Inba went inside the kitchen and stood in front of Priya shooked her shoulder (in friendly manner) and asked her why she opened her mouth before he could. Before he could finish, his mom caught him by his ear and pulled him and said, "why? if she hasn't said, won't we know what's running in you? Come, dad is waiting for you"

Inba came smiling with a shy on his face and sat next to Pooja in front of his parents.

Dad: "So, everything happened today in suspense right?" - asked in a laughing  tone.

Both Inba and Pooja gave him back a shocking surprise as how they know all these.

Inba shouted.... "Priya......."

Before he could speak another word, his mom told "We all knew a few days back itself. Priya told everything, but we wanted to hear from you and didn't want to spoil the suspense/surprise that you think you are maintaining" and smiled at him.

It gave Inba more shy and he went and hugged both his parents and tears came in slightly. He didn't expect that his parents would be so much straight forward, though he knew they wouldn't object.

All talked for some time as what had happened that day from Pooja's view. Everyone was giggling and had dinner at his home.

Inba shared the snaps he took at the art gallery and showed the master pieces drawn by Priyanka. Since they both conduct these kind of art exhibitions once in couple of years, Inba wouldn't invite his parents everytime, but would take them if they were interested to see. Moreover, he wouldn't want an embarresement for his parents at the art gallery at the time of his proposal, so he pruposefully avoided them this time.

Dad: "So, how about your parents? They know all these? If not would they accept this proposal?"

Pooja: "Uncle, even I didn't have a clue as what had happened today. There were many surprises today, and finally everything good happened at the end.
I am yet to speak to my parents. But they are so adjustable and friendly like you and I am sure, there wouldn't be any issue."

Dad: "Good".

As it was getting darker, Inba's dad asked him to drop her at her house in his car and not in the bike.

Inba nodded yes and told - "Before we could start, I want to tell you another shocking surprise"

Mom: "What? Is that Indra's matter?"

Inba: "What? Priya told even that to you?"

When he said that, Priyanka giggled behind him.

Mom: "Let him come, lets pretend as if we don't know anything, even about you. Let's see how he opens his"

As they were talking, the home phone rang. On hearing the person on the other side, Inba gave a shocking look on his face and said
"I am at home only"

"Is it? Oh yeah, my phone's battery is down, tell..."

"What? When it happened?"

"How is she now?"

"Ok, I'm coming right away. Be there"....

No one there understood on why he is giving a scary and shocking look on his face. Priyanka could understand a bit through his tone of voice.

Inba: "Mom, I am starting now. I will drop Pooja at her house on my way"

Mom: "What happened? Who is on the other line?"

Inba: "Nothing to worry, I will come and tell... Pooja, hurry!!! Let's go now. Sorry, we all will speak on another day... Let's go"

Pooja: "What happened? Why are you giving that weird look? Everything ok?"

Priyanka & Inba's dad were also concerned about how he spoke, but didn't ask anything as they understood something fishy has happened and knew he will tell them later and didn't want to waste his time.

Dad: "Drive safely. Take care Pooja. We will see you again."

[End of Episode 27]

Karthi (Admin)

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PostSubject: Re: PI (A parallel attraction)   Thu Apr 19, 2018 2:09 am

Inba took something in his hand and kept inside the car and hurriedly moved the car in reverse from the house and was about to hit another one which was parked in the street. Pooja got little scared by the way he took the car out, but knowing his urgency didn't open her mouth.

Inba: "Come, sit quickly"

Pooja sat in the car.

Inba: "Please put on the seat belt"

Inba waved a bye to his parents and started the car and drove fast and went out of the street in giffy.

He drew few streets away from his house, and appplied the brake under a tree where there is no street light and switched off the headlights.

It gave more and more surprises to Pooja as what and why is he doing like this...

Pooja: "What happened? Why are you switching off the lights?"

Inba slightly moved in his seat towards Pooja, went closer, grabbed her by her neck and gave her a tight kiss and told
"Happy Birthday, my dear wife".

Its then when Pooja noticed that it's sharp 12 at midnight and its her birthday.

Before Pooja could react further, Inba took a gold chain containing a heard shaped shining pendant and insisted her to bend her neck so that he can put it.

Pooja couldn't take more and more surprises for that day, and also couldn't believe her eyes as what's happening on that day.
Tears came in her eyes, she bent her neck and at the same time, hugged him tightly and kissed him and said
"Thank you, thank you for everything. I don't know how to say how much I Love You".
She wept a bit... Wiping her tears, he put the chain on her.

It was a diamond pendant which was shining in the moon light.

Inba: "I love you so much dear... Hope you like it..."

Pooja: "What? I Love it... I Love the Love you are showing on me"

Smiling at her, Inba said,
"I will drop you now at your home and come back and let's speak to your parents today itself, I mean today evening(as next day as already begun)"

Pooja: "But what's the call? Who was there on the other line? Where are you going now?"

Inba: "Chill Chill... Nothing serious... Everything ok... It's a different story, I will come and tell you after we speak to your parents"

Pooja: "But, please tell me a gist about that"

Inba: "Hmmm... It's all about Peter"

Pooja: "Who? Our company HR?"

Inba: "You know that he is one of my best friends right and I joined this company only through him. He was my computer class batch mate"

Pooja: "Is it? I see, I don't know. I thought you are just good close colleague/friend, but didn't know that he is your class mate"

Inba: "Yeah"

Pooja: "But, what's about him?"

As Pooja asked more and more questions, it was getting delayed, so Inba gave her a quick summary of what he heard over the phone.

Pooja: "Is it? Oh my God. You said, you and him are close friends, but..."

Inba: "Hmmmm... Yeah, even I don't know what's the matter. But I told him that I will be there ASAP"

As they were talking, Inba dropped her at her house and gave her one more kiss and wished her again.
Pooja didn't want to get down of the car, but couldn't do anything other than getting down from the car and told him to drive slowly and safely.

Inba gave her a flying kiss and drove the car swiftly and within few seconds went out of the sight in that long Main road. Pooja looked on to the car till she could see the Tail lamp of his car and then the car took a right turn.

She took the pendant out, smiled at it, gave it a kiss, then put that back inside her dress.

It was 12.15AM at that time, all that she could hear was the rickets sound and barking of dogs at a distant place.. No one was there on the road, it was a bit scary too, so she hurriedly went inside her home, locked the gates. Slowly closed the main door, went inside and lied down on her bed.

[End of Episode 28]

Karthi (Admin)
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PostSubject: Re: PI (A parallel attraction)   Thu Apr 19, 2018 3:56 am

Inba went to Peter's house and knowcked at the door.

Peter: "Come, lets start now itself. She is on pain. I will tell you everything on the way"

Before Inba could tell or ask anything, Peter said
"I know, I know... You will be definitely angry on me, but I will tell everything after she gets admitted at the hospital"

Inba saw that Peter's wife Catherine has already kept few bags ready to get started as soon as he come.

Without speaking any other word, he just said smiling at Peter & Catherine,
"Congrats by the way, though this is not the right time as you guys are in a hurry, just wanted to wish you guys"

Peter: "Thanks buddy"

Catherine: "Thank you Inba"

All got into the car. AS things were getting loaded, Inba could see that a diaper bag was fully loaded and it was one among the bags.

He thought to himself, how organized Catherine was during this time where she has already kept all the things ready.
He just put this in one corner of his brain, so that he should do the same when time comes for him.

Though Inba drives his car very fast most of the time, he knows how to drive based on who is inside the car...

Peter: "Please drive fast as her pain started already"

Inba: "Yeah, but it is also important to take care of her during this time. Don't worry, we will be on time at the hospital.
By the way, do you know anyone at the hospital? If so, did you inform them already?"

Peter: "Oops, this didn't strike me as I was in tension"

Inba: "Don't worry, everything is going to be alright"

Peter called up the hospital and asked them to be ready and told them that he is on his way to the hospital.

Its almost 1:00AM at that time he reached the hospital. Since it's Friday night and the next day being the weekend, he was relaxed though tired.

Catherine was rushed to the labour ward and Peter accompanied her into the ward.

Peter and Inba were good friends and they share most of their happenings in their life.

Inba thought he could tell about Pooja to Peter after he had proposed to her.

But Peter didn't tell Inba that he got married and that too a Love marriage and more over his wife was also pregnant.

Inba felt that Peter has started to maintain some distance with him and hid few things and that too one of the most important events in one's life, though nothing wrong had happened between them.

Though Peter said he would tell about what and how all happened, he was tensed while on his way to the hospital. So Inba didn't bother him asking about that.

Inba sat on a chair in the waiting area. Many things were running on his mind -
The art exhibition,
How Pooja reacted to his proposal,
About Indra's Love,
How his parents reacted to his Love matter,
and about the sudden shocking surprise he got from Peter,
and many more...

[End of Episode 29]

Karthi (Admin)
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PostSubject: Re: PI (A parallel attraction)   Thu Apr 19, 2018 4:20 am

Inba was too tired by that time, as he was full day busy for past couple of days and the day before, for the art exhibition. So he wanted to take some rest.

He slightly slide down on the chair and came to a semi-sleeping position, took his mobile from his pocket and texted both his mom and Pooja.

"Hi Pooja, arrived safely at the hospital. She was taken into the labour ward and Peter also accompanied her.
I am too tired. Going to take a nap. Will ping you later when I hear from them.
Love you so much
Good night dear and sweet dreams"

"Dear mom, sorry I couldn't tell anything at that time as I was in a hurry at that time.
Peter called me and said that he got married last year and he didn't inform anyone, and now his wife was in delivery pain.
So need to rush. Both have gone inside the labour ward. I will sleep here and come in the morning as I am tired now"

"One more thing I wanted to say, today is Pooja's Birthday. I would like to goto her house and speak to her parents.
After that I will take you and dad there to speak to them
I know you would have slept by now, but just letting you know so that you could see this first in the morning"

30 minutes passed by, while Inba was deep asleep, Peter came and shook his shoulder and woke him up.

Inba stood up, but since he was too tired and was fast asleep, he got slightly dizzy, lost his balance and was about to fall.
Peter caught and held him and hugged him and told him that he got twin baby girls and both mother and the babies are fine.

Inba hugged and wished him and was very happy hearing the news.

Peter: "Sorry dear, I didn't keep you updated about my marriage and..."

Inba: "It's ok, this is not the time to talk all about. Did you inform the news to your parents?"

Peter: "No dear, I will tell you later."

Inba: "Why what happened? Is everything fine?"

Peter: "Yeah, that's one of the reasons, I didn't tell anyone about my marriage and kept it secretly"

Inba: "What? I didn't understand the head and tail... Whats the matter?
If you are ok to share, please tell, else leave it. I won't insist.
I know who you are for so long and how our friendship is.
Though, I don't know the background of your problem, don't worry, everything would become alright.

Sorry to ask, is there any problem between you and your parents?"

Peter: "Yes dear, it's because of our love marriage only"

Inba: "Sorry to stop you now, please send atleast a text message now to your parents that you got a twin.
Even if they slam you back also, don't take it personally.
Put yourself in their shoes."

As Inba said, Peter sent a text message to his parents as well as Catherine's parents that they got twin babies and all 3 of them are safe.

At the same time, Inba too texted Pooja and to his mom.
He got a power nap for about 30 minutes which refreshed him to be awake for few more hours.

Though, Peter felt guilty that he didn't inform Inba about all those things, he felt somewhat light heartened after he got some consoling words from Inba and seeing how caring Inba was and how pro active he his and how mature he is to advice him, though Inba was 5 years younger than him.

[End of Episode 30]

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